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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roberta Biros Back in the News: What on earth did she do now?

Written by Roberta Biros

Hello all. It has been quite some time since I have published anything on my blog or others and I apologize for my silence. Last year’s campaign was a drain on me physically, mentally, and financially. I’ve been taking a break and working hard to get my life back to “normal” (whatever that is). I’ve been staying quiet and attempting to stay out of trouble.

I enjoyed a Pittsburgh Pirate game this afternoon and was pleased to be a part of the Pirates winning yet another game. Go Bucs! The drive home was long, and the sunburn that I acquired during the game made it relatively uncomfortable. I was happy to get home into the air conditioning for a break. I was greeted by the blinking light on the answering machine. This is the moment that the fun began.

The Call

I received a message from the Sharon Herald. It seems that they will be writing a story in tomorrow’s paper and they wanted my comments. The story is about a law suit that has been filed in Federal Court against me, my husband, and officers of the law from four local police and sheriff departments. The suit is being filed by Mr. Mel Marin of San Diego, California. Mr. Marin claims that I defamed him by writing a story about him on March 20th of 2010. The law suit supposedly goes on to explain that my story about Mr. Marin was an attempt to sway a Federal election.

My Comments

My initial comments to The Herald’s query was . . . “I’m being sued for what?”. I explained to the reporter that I have received no notification and I was completely unaware of Mr. Marin’s complaints against me. I had no comments regarding the matter as I knew nothing about it. My only statement was that I wrote about Mr. Marin last year and simply supplied links to content that was published about him on the internet. I explained that I was basically providing a service much like Google by providing links about Mr. Marin in a usable format.

More Information

After my initial comments, I asked more about this law suit. I was told by The Herald that both my husband and I were included in the law suit as well as officers from four local police and sheriff departments. It was claimed that I refused to remove information about Mr. Marin from my blog (no such request was ever made); and it was claimed that the officers prevented Mr. Marin from campaigning during the election in various ways (details unknown). Each of the 6 individuals named in the complaint are being sued for a sum of $31 MILLION DOLLARS EACH.

Rolling on the Floor Laughing

I was unable to control my laughter at the amount of the law suit. I explained to The Herald reporter that Mr. Marin would have a VERY difficult time collecting his $31 MILLION DOLLARS from BOTH my husband and I. I further explained that Mr. Marin would have great difficulty in collecting $31 MILLION DOLLARS from the entire County of Mercer. LOL!

QUESTION ONE: What do you think? Defame or not defame . . . that is the question.

The story in question was titled “Who is Mel Marin, Democrat Candidate for Congress?”. It was published on March 20, 2011. Please read the article [LINK HERE] and tell me what you think. Did I defame Mr. Marin?

QUESTION TWO: Did I sway the results of the 2010 Primary?

While I’d love to take credit for it, I think it is obvious that I did no such thing. Mr. Marin received 27% of the vote against the incumbent Democrat, Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper. Millionaire Kathy Dahlkemper (as the commercials like to call her) had a significant war chest and considerable name recognition. Mel Marin had a campaign fund of $2,000.00. Mel Marin did REMARKABLY well in his bid against Dahlkemper. People voted for him because they HATED Dahlkemper . . . not because of anything I said or didn’t say.

More importantly, I WISH my writing was that influential. I’ve written extensively about my opponents in both of my political races (in my race for County Treasurer in 2009 and my bid for State Senate in 2010). IF my blog were SO influential, I would have won my races “hands down”. In actuality, however, Mr. Marin did better in his race against Dahlkemper than I did against the honorable Senator, Bob Robbins. Hmmmm.

QUESTION THREE: Does anyone know a good attorney?

I was just wondering if anyone out there would be willing to help a “starving artist” like myself in a lawsuit in Federal Court? I figured it was worth asking!

Biros in the News

So, yes, Roberta Biros is back in the news. I’m hopeful that it won’t go far, but it made me angry enough to start blogging again. So maybe it’s a good thing!

As always . . . it’s just my opinion.

UPDATE:  To read the full story in The Herald, CLICK HERE.


  1. Mr. Mel Marin, or whatever he is going by these days needs to grow a backbone and stop with frivolous law suits. I certainly hope the courts punish him with making him pay any fees that taxpayers are going to have to dole out for his childish actions.

  2. I'm not a lawyer, but you should look into contesting his Pauper's Affidavit. If the government doesn't pay for this frivolous lawsuit, then I doubt it proceeds.

  3. This is just a bullying tactic. I would strongly encourage you to investigate Marinkovic's credentials as part of defending yourself from his nuisance lawsuit.

    You may notice, when reading through his many, many ongoing suits (where he always represents himself Pro Se -- a professional paperwork-filer, it seems) that his Pauper's Affidavits for relief from filing fees and successful counterparties' legal fees are routinely rejected. This is because a Google and a Lexis-Nexis search quickly reveal him to be the holder or beneficial owner of multiple real property assets. A counter-suit might thus prove fruitful.

    Please keep us posted on this situation. I happen to disagree with many of the views on this blog but I am embarrassed to be an American when our legal system permits the "Mel Marin"s of the world to impair your exercise of the First Amendment.


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