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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Event Announcement: Mercer Tea Party September 11th!


9-11 Memorial and TEA Party

Mark Your Calendar & Join Us:

Saturday, September 11, 2010
9:30 am - NOON
Rain or Shine


Program includes:

* Patriotic songs by Linda Weber

* Memorial tribute by Rev. Charles Swartz, Pastor of Bible Baptist Church, Mercer

* Lee Wishing Director of Grove City College, Views & Visions

* Fran Beven of Eagle Forum

* John Kennedy, Chairman of Citizens Allliance of PA

* Rev. Jim Erb serving on "AIM", a network of churches and ministries

Bring friends, a lawn chair and if the weather is questionable an umbrella.

Sponsored by the Mercer County Christian Coalition



  1. Attended today's Tea Party rally at Mercer. Enjoyed the program. I found John Kennedy's Citizens Alliance of PA goals very much aligned with the TEA Party. Curious as to Roberta's take on the issues of the size and expense of the PA legislature and any thought regarding PSER's funding. These are two significant areas that are driving our state budget over the cliff! A special thank-you to those who made today's TEA Party happen in Mercer County!

  2. Thank you Anonymous for your questions.

    Early in my campaign I signed on to the platform of Citizens Alliance of PA (CAP). I've met with John Kennedy and other leaders of CAP on multiple occasions, and we are ALL on the same page. I have signed the CAP promissory which states that if elected I will NOT accept a state pension. SERS and PSERS are unsustainable. We need to take steps to move the retirement systems to contribution plans (like a 401k). Failure to do so will mean financial disaster for the Commonwealth.

    As a general rule, I feel that the cost of the PA Legislature needs to be slashed. Deep, deep and meaningful cuts including reduction in salaries, a smaller legislature, and (if possible) a part-time legislature need to be debated, voted on, and passed. Most importantly, we need to implement term limits. Meaningful changes like these would be an opportunity for our legislature to "lead by example".


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