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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 2010 General Election: Our Opportunity to Take Out the Trash

The movement is growing . . . people are angry . . . but this time is different! Rather than sitting at home and throwing their shoes (and gosh knows what else) at the TV, people are getting out and trying to make a difference. Devoted Democrats and Republicans alike are annoyed at that “darn TEA Party movement”. Democrats call them “right-wing nut jobs”, and Republicans call them “spoilers”, “kooks”, and (of all things) “right-wing nut jobs”. But who are they really? These “so called TEA Partiers” (as they were referred to by Alan Colmes this morning on Fox) are normal people like you and me who are fed up with big government, big spending, and the continued loss of our freedom and liberty. We are sick and tired of the establishment (referring to BOTH parties) running the show, and we are getting involved in politics like never before. They (the TEA Partiers) are SO MUCH like you and I that they ACTUALLY ARE you and I. If you are reading this message right now, YOU are one of US.

We call ourselves TEA Partiers, but we don’t actually have a “party”. We simply describe ourselves as “conservatives”. Some of us have tried to be “conservative Republicans” . . . some of us have tried to be “conservative Democrats” . . . some of us have tried both! Some are trying to take the Republican Party back . . . while others yet are considering starting their own Conservative Party. There are some of us that have gone so far as dare to be a conservative unaffiliated independent with NO tie to ANY party. We are, however, all one and the same.

Yesterday there were some very big Primary races across the United States. The results of those races are surprising some people . . . but not us. Conservative TEA Partiers are beating Republicans on their own turf, and overwhelmingly so in some races. Today the talking heads are saying “sure, they won but they have NO CHANCE in the General Election”. To that I say . . . “really? . . . REALLY? . . . seriously?”

Most (if not all) of you know that I am involved in my own race right now. I am running against a 20-year incumbent Republican State Senator (Bob Robbins). My race exemplifies the battle of the TEA Party movement, and here are a few clear illustrations:


I am a conservative. I firmly support a platform of “good government”.

My opponent is a Republican . . . but he is NO conservative. When asked questions he tells people to look at his record. Well, when you do actually look at his record you find that he is not for limited government, fiscal responsibility, or liberty. This is clearly shown in his poor marks on the Liberty Index. CLICK HERE for an outline of the results of the Liberty Index.


I am FOR a platform of smaller and more limited government, term limits, fiscal responsibility, and public service. I have outlined my full platform and details regarding my political views on my website. CLICK HERE for details.

My opponent supports NONE of those things. He voted FOR an unconstitutional state budget. The problems with the budget and his support for it were outlined in an on-line article HERE. It was also pointed out by Bob Guzzardi of the Conservative Reform Network HERE. He spends tens of thousands of dollars to protect his LONG career. This was described in a blog post by Rich Talbert of Grove City HERE. His history of fiscal irresponsibility was documented by former Republican State Committeewoman Helen Kirk HERE.


I am for term limits. If elected I will limit myself to no longer than 2 terms (8 years) as a State Senator. I have agreed and signed the EmpowerPA.org candidate survey that reflects that opinion HERE.

My opponent has PROVEN that he does not support term limits by his 20 year career as a State Senator.


I feel that the State Pensions offered to elected officials are not sustainable. I have signed a promissory with EmpowerPA.org whereby if I am elected I will decline a state pension. That document is available for on-line review HERE.

My opponent is not only NOT against his pension, he is willing to do anything to keep it . . . including running as both a Democrat and a Republican this year. Don’t believe it? Well, don’t take my word for it . . . read the article written by Grove City’s Rich Talbert on the topic HERE.

Is Biros vs. Robbins Northwest Pennsylvania’s equivalent to O’Donnell vs. Castle in Delaware?

When you simply examine the shape and taste of a political race, it is interesting to compare my race to yesterday’s race in Delaware. While the election in Delaware was a Primary, there are a number of similarities. First, the Delaware Primary will be much like the General Election here in the 50th District because I believe it will ultimately be decided by conservatives. Pennsylvania’s 50th District is very conservative, and I don’t believe that left-leaning Democrats will be much of a force on November 2nd. The biggest difference, though, is that being a General Election my race will benefit from the votes of independent and conservative Democrat voters.

Stepping inside the voters minds for a minute

None of us know how voters will be thinking on November 2nd. No one can anticipate the attitudes of the people that get up, get dressed, and drive to the polls on Election Day. I would, however, be interested to do a poll on voters reactions to the ballot itself . . . as that will be the moment when voters make their final decision on who should get their vote.

Below is an image of the actual ballot as it will appear on the voting machines in the 50th District (a printable copy is available for download as a PDF HERE):


Upon close review you will find something that rarely happens. Under “straight party”, you will see that voters will have the opportunity to vote for the party of “unaffiliated independent”. Get accustomed to this as I have a feeling that it is something that will begin to appear more often as the years progress.


The race between me and Bob Robbins is the perfect example of a race between “TEA Party mentality” and “the old guard”. In true Arlen Spector style, Bob Robbins’ listing on the ballot tells you everything that you need to know about him . . . DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN . . . he is trying to be EVERYTHING to EVERYONE and will do ANYTHING to win. As a true TEA Partier, my listing on the ballot tells you everything that you need to know about me . . . UNAFFILIATED INDEPENDENT . . . controlled by NO party.

How will voters react on November 2nd when they look at their choices for Senator in the 50th District? I’m not sure, but I’m hoping that we all remember that on November 2nd we need to “Take Out the Trash!”



  1. Bob Robbins is running as both a Republican (for 20 years) and a Democrat (this year), BUT he is backing politicians to UNSEAT at least two Democrats. Just exactly what is he going to do for the Democratic Party? How can he represent both political parties in all fairness and equality? Of course, he is clueless as to the meaning of these two words. He used monetary contributions to the tune of $34,000 plus to get on the Democratic ticket (there was NO ONE else the Democrats could find to run). This money was donated by REPBULICANS - perhaps a handful or three of Democrats also contributed, but overall, one would believe that his treasure chest was principally filled by Republicans. I have to ask your readers, as a Republican, how does this sit with you? Just what has Bob Robbins PROMISED the Democrats/Democratic Party he will do if elected - and where/what will that do to the Republicans/Republican Party interests? One hand washes the other - favors are called in (to cover all sorts of missteps). When will the taxpaying citizes on Mercer County open their eyes and see that we need a DRASTIC change in this Senate seat? Good ole Bob. . . simply put, it's time for fresh, new ideas, an open door policy and out with the 'Circle of Greed' politicians. Good luck Roberta!


    Deeply devoted Republicans will say "Bob got on both tickets so that he would win!" . . . but they never ask about the deals that were made in the process. From experience, I can say that Bob and Cindy Robbins are just as deeply tied to their DEMOCRAT incumbent friends as they are to their REPUBLICAN incumbent friends (all part of the Mercer County Incumbent party, after all). But understand that I DID NOT SAY that they were deeply tied to the people of Mercer County or the 50th District! THAT is the problem. For Bob and Cindy Robbins it is only about politics and getting re-elected . . . year after year. It ISN'T about public service or fairly representing the people of the area.

    "Circle of Greed" politicians is the perfect description.

  3. How sad that there are voters out there (and trust that there are)who believe that Robbins is running in both slots SIMPLY to WIN. What? Do voters out there actually believe he won't win as a Republican alone? Wonder why that is. . . What's so special about this election that he is on both sides of the fence? It's that fear that he'll lose his coveted position. Where else can he work part-time and make a bundle along with all those perks? P.S. Did he actually ever pay back the pay raise? Rumor has it that he's holding a 'fundraiser dinner' at his home for $100.00 per plate. Gee, do you think he'll use this money to help the Republican voters in Mercer County or the Democratic voters in Mercer County? Again, can anyone explain how one politician can represent both parties and be true to either one? Ah yes, check his voting record. . . but wait until dark.

  4. A "fundraiser dinner" at his home for $100 per plate? Wow. What have I been thinking? When I have guests to my home I've been feeding them for free BECAUSE THEY ARE MY GUESTS!

    That is just another example of why Bob Robbins will ALWAYS be a better POLITICIAN than me. It has never been my goal to be a "good" POLITICIAN. Instead, I want to be a good servant of the people. Bob has forgotten what that means.

    By the way . . . were you invited to the dinner? AND, more importantly, are you going?


  5. Coconut Bob and Cindy do know how to "play" the voters, don't they? They join the organizations which will play an important roll in backing them, like the NRA, and attend their functions. Don't forget he voted FOR the midnight pay raise, everyone. You thought that was ethical???

  6. GO TEA PARTY GO. You've cost the GOP Delaware and now Alaska. Keep up the good work

  7. Another slap in the face to local voters from the Republicans who think they are "the absolute power". Dave King at his worst again. I just heard that two voters requesting Republican candidate signs during a Republican Women's meeting were DENIED, yes denied the two requested signs, by Dave King, because they would not take the Robbins sign! It is my understanding that Dave King told them they HAD to take a Robbins sign or NO SIGNS would be given to them. They walked away empty-handed. How can this be? The last time I checked, Mercer County is in America - Land of the Free, which means we each have a free choice - our OWN choice. Since when does Dave King dictate what voters put in their yards? Shame on Dave King and anyone in attendance who did not stand up for individual rights. Did this not bother anyone in attendance at the meeting? If not, shame on them too.

    Roberta, Not sure where to post this - but it certainly made my blood boil to hear the above. Edit as necessary if you use it - I also heard they are blaming you for sending in the two folks, which you disagree with. If Dave thought the two voters were 'plants' why didn't he just give them the signs instead of making a donkey of himself? More shame for the Republican Party.

  8. Thank you for your comment "JoAnne".

    Word seems to travel fast in Mercer County, and the incident that you describe was brought to my attention this past weekend too. For those that aren't aware of the incident in question . . .

    It seems that people have gone to the GOP headquarters in Mercer and requested campaign signs for 'some' candidates (but not all). They were then asked if they wanted a Robbins sign. If they said "no", they were told that they could have NO signs at all and they were asked to leave.

    The rumor then began that I was PERSONALLY sending these individuals as "plants" in an effort to shake up the GOP. While the idea is interesting, I can promise you that I knew nothing of it until it was brought to my attention this weekend. I'm concentrating my time and effort (and the time and effort of my team) on getting out my message of "Good Government". I'm not involved in political game playing . . . and I have no interest in such activity.

    The Mercer GOP is in denial if they think that ALL Republicans would WANT to support Bob Robbins. They are proving that they are bullies by attempting to FORCE people to support a candidate against their will. AND, they are demonstrating how selfish they are by turning down sign requests to people that won't support their single favorite candidate.

    It is shameful, and I wish I could say that I'm shocked . . . but I am not. This is an example of "politics as usual" in Mercer County. THIS is what I hate about politics in Mercer County.

  9. Everyone knows that the problems with Dave King being unbiased as he should be go WAY BACK to previous elections. He picks his candidate, then endorses them and foolishly believes no one notices and that he has that privelege. Everyone knew who he was supporting in the Dist.3 Congressional Primary. He needs to go.

  10. In June a brave group of conservatives attempted to dump Dave King (or, King David as we call him), but the attempt was blocked by the GOP loyalists. Since then those conservatives have slowly been kicked out of the GOP committee one at a time . . . and the witch hunt continues. It is sad to watch a political party run itself right into the ground because of a few VERY BAD applies.

  11. Roberta,

    I am afraid to say I am outside your district but appreciate the effort and time you dedicate to the political discussion.

    May I turn the attention to the PA-3 race between Mike Kelly and Kathy Dahlkemper for a minute? Becuase I can't get answers anywhere else.

    We are one month away from the election and while I would never vote for Kathy Dahlkemper, I'm having real trouble convincing myself to vote for Mike Kelly. I pride myself on being an informed voter, so I refuse to vote for him just to get rid of Kathy Dahlkemper.

    I drew the line when I saw Mike Kelly stand expressionless next to Mike McCoy as he endorsed Mr. Kelly as a man of family values and someone who would bring those same values to Congress. Apparently Mr. McCoy has been out of Pennsylvania too long not to know of Mike Kelly's well-known extra-marital affair. As a family man, I take this to heart and it is a very big obstactle for me to rationzle voting for him. It would do a lot of justice to hear Mr. Kelly confront the situation, apologize and move on. I'm a social voter, as I believe PA-3 is, and I make no apologies for that.

    Mike Kelly pledges not to add to the deficit, while at the same time accepting over $600K through the "cash for clunkers" bailout. I have heard no good explanation for this. I envy Mr. Kelly's business sense, but no not try and pull one over on me. Either you did or your didn't. He did. I know we are all upset at Kathy Dahlkemper (for good reason) but I can't just vote for a man who is a clear hypocrite on critical issues?

    He says he won't raise taxes, but he did as a City Councilman.
    Also, how does Mr. Kelly plan on lowering the budget without cutting Medicare and Social Security? I think our seniors deserve further explanation. You can cut as many costs as you want, but with little to no real dent in the deficit. All economists agree that you must cut Medicare or Social security to make any drastic impact. Also, would Mr. Kelly endorse the Republicans message to privitize Social Security? These are all answers I have yet to recieve. Mr. Kelly just continues to stick to his talking points of "no new taxes" and "no more spending." But as an informed voter I want to know, how? Just like the Republicans "Pledge to America" Mr. Kelly appears to lack substance and specifics.

    Jason- Hermitage

  12. You raise interesting and valid questions. Questions that ONLY Mike Kelly can answer. I have a sense, however, that Mike Kelly intends on keeping his mouth closed (and remain in hiding) until November 3rd. I've gotten the impression that Mike Kelly assumes that he will win the election simply because he is a Republican. I also believe the Mike Kelly may be assuming to much. We all know what happens when you "assume", right?

  13. Have never heard of this alleged extra-marital affair of Kelly's. We all had several good choices in the primary for Dist. 3, but the voters spoke and due to some "spoilers" and county chair endorsements, Kelly won. Politics as usual. When you keep on with the same ole, same ole, you get the same results. Many people are having trouble voting for him. All you really can do, which is what many are doing, is to leave the dist.3 U.S. Congress blank and vote for neither. Maybe the party will start getting the message.

  14. Unfortunately, I've heard similar thoughts from many others. Voters don't like either candidate and would prefer to waste their vote by leaving it blank OR writing in another candidate. They figure that a vote for Kelly OR Dahlkemper is waste either way. It is a shame, but it is a compelling point.

  15. I love the Tea Party, even though I'm what a lot of people would call a GOP hack. I've pretty much had my own Tea Party going for the last 8 years or so. What I mean by that is that I don't give to the RNC, the NRSC or the NRCC anymore. I support individual conservative candidates, or simply Republicans who are more conservative than their opponents. Almost all those candidates which I support financially are out of my home district which is 80% Democrat and will be until Kucinich goes up on the Mothership.

  16. Mike Kelly is not a witch, but he sure is scary


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