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Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is NOT the Mike Kelly Website

I received a comment today regarding a past blog post. The statements that were made were interesting and I thought they were worth sharing here now. The comment was submitted by “JD Gib” and it read as follows:

I was just reading what you posted on April 23rd, 2010 on a Mike Kelly Article:

"I’d like to make it very clear that I am doing everything that I can to make certain that Kathy Dahlkemper is defeated in November."

"I’d like to remind all of you that after May 18th it is important that you all set aside your personal differences and back the ONE candidate that ends up on top after the Primary."

I ask that you follow through on this promise and start blogging positively about Mike Kelly. My hope is that you and Dr. Martha Moore help support Mike Kelly to the best of your ability and help him defeat Kathy D.

I enjoy your blog, but it needs to be supportive of Mike Kelly and I am sure you would get more traffic :-)

-JD Gib

In response to “JD’s” comment, I’d like to first say that (although I cannot find the direct reference on this website) I am certain that I made the statements that were quoted. Before the Primary it was important to remain as neutral as possible and attempt to report the events as they transpired between the six congressional candidates. At that time, I believed what I said because (very honestly) all six candidates were starting to look very much like each other. They all seemed to stand for the same things, and they all seemed like good choices.

AFTER THE PRIMARY, however, Mike Kelly disappeared from the face of the Earth. He contacted NO ONE and made NO attempts to bridge the divide between the 6 separate candidate camps. Instead, Mike Kelly went into hiding. When he ended his hibernation, he emerged as a candidate that had nothing to say and stood for nothing in particular. He emerged a complete and utter RINO. I saw it . . . others saw it . . . and others are still seeing it.

To respond to your statements directly though, JD, it is not my responsibility to “blog positively about Mike Kelly”. This is NOT the Mike Kelly website and we are not here to service and promote Mike Kelly. Instead, it is Mike Kelly’s responsibility to give us something positive to write about! Do something . . . say something . . . stand for something!

If Mike Kelly wants (or needs) good press, there are two ways to get it. He can either do positive things to EARN it, or he can pay people like you to attempt to create it.

Thanks, JD, but I’ll suffer on my own without Mike Kelly as a draw to this blog site. If you would like to help Mike Kelly perhaps you should start your own blog or join Mike’s campaign, but please don’t waste your valuable time by telling me what my opinions should be.



  1. More power to you, Roberta, on your "right-on" answer to Gib! Who wouldn't want to elect the "best" candidate for District 3?

  2. Thanks Anonymous.

    "JD" must not know me very well if he/she thinks I'll be pushed to think one way or another. This blog site is a collection of opinions, and NONE of my authors are willing to be told what those opinions should be. This is America after all.

    When Mike Kelly does something that I consider to be news worthy, I'll write about it. The same goes with Kathy Dahlkemper. Right now I find the race uneventful. Things might change tomorrow as both Kelly and Dahlkemper are coming to Mercer County to battle it out. I'll be there to see what happens. Hopefully things will begin to heat up a bit and the two will begin to move away from the middle.

  3. Just checked out the Mike Kelly website. Wow, nice colors. In what country is he running anyway? Brazil? Seriously--if the guy wants to get his Irish up to sell cars he should have at it. But how bout a wee bit of red, white & blue for the campaign, duncha think?


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